Center for Effective Government Staff

Gavin Baker - Open Government Policy Analyst
• Michael DiMuzio - Social Database Intern
• Justin Duncan - Communications Intern
MarQuis Fair - Executive Assistant
Brian Gumm - Communications Director
• Srujan Hande - Development Intern
• Leslie Haymon - Open Government Intern
Jill Holcomb - Director of Development
Scott Klinger - Director, Revenue and Spending Policies
Katherine McFate - President and CEO
Denise Moore - Database Administrator/Programmer
Sean Moulton - Director, Open Government Policy
• Nathaniel O’Brien - Regulatory Policy Intern
Doug Percival - Technology Coordinator
Rich Puchalsky - RTK Net Director and Programmer
Virginia Robnett - Outreach Coordinator
Jessica Schieder - Policy Associate
• Peter Thomas - Open Government Intern
Rick Trilsch - Director of Finance and Administration
Katie Vann - Social Media Associate
Katie Weatherford - Regulatory Policy Analyst
Ronald White - Director, Regulatory Policy

Charity and Security Network Staff

Kay Guinane - Program Director
Suraj Sazawal - Consultant
Nathaniel Turner - Policy Analyst

Center for Effective Government Board of Directors

• Paul Marchand (Chair)
• Edwin S. Jayne (Vice-Chair and Secretary), AFSCME
• Donald Cohen, In the Public Interest
• Ross Eisenbrey, Economic Policy Institute
• Teresa Ghilarducci, Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis, New School for Social Research
• Pamela Gilbert, Cuneo Gilbert & LaDuca, LLP
• Edward Hailes, Jr., Advancement Project
• Mary M. Lassen, Center for Community Change  
• Katherine McFate, Center for Effective Government
• Linda Nguyen, Alliance for Children and Families
• Dianne Stewart, Public Works

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