New Student Video Contest!

Encourage high schoolers to become chemical safety advocates.

The Deal's Done

What's in the budget agreement?

New Report: A Tale of Two Retirements

Changing the rules that allow platinum pensions for CEOs and increase retirement insecurity for the rest of us.

Blowing Smoke

Our new report finds the chemical industry is “blowing smoke” when it claims self-regulation works.

Fleecing Uncle Sam

Of America’s 30 largest corporations, seven paid their CEOs more last year than they paid in federal income taxes.

New Posts

Nov 24, 2015

New Rules Will Make Your Thanksgiving Dinner Safer – in a Couple of Years

As you plan your Thanksgiving dinner menu, stop and give thanks for new rules issues by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on November 13th just in time for ...

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Nov 19, 2015

Report: US Ranks as Third for Financial Secrecy

The Tax Justice Network has released the largest ever survey of global financial secrecy. The United States ranks third—only Switzerland (#1) and Hong Kong (#2) pose larger threats to financial transparency ...

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Nov 13, 2015

One Year After Deadly Texas Chemical Leak, Has Safety Improved?

One year ago, a toxic chemical leak at a DuPont plant in La Porte, Texas killed four workers, including grandmother Crystle Wise. A massive leak of 23,000 pounds of methyl mercaptan ...

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Nov 10, 2015

No Longer Willing to be Bullied and Fracked, How One Pennsylvania Town Fought Back

In defiance of a corporate lawsuit over a proposed fracking wastewater injection well, the citizens of Grant Township, Pennsylvania on Tuesday ...

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Advocacy in Action Student Video Contest

Together, we can advocate for companies to use safer chemicals, and make our communities healthier.

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A Tale of Two Retirements: One for CEOs and One for the Rest of Us

The 100 largest CEO retirement funds are worth a combined $4.9 billion, equal to the entire retirement account savings of 41 percent of American ...

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