Don't Let Congress Erase Our Safeguards -- The REINS Act

Learn more about the REINS Act.

The Invisible Helping Hand of Government

From highways to communications systems, from guaranteeing student loans and mortgages to reducing unfair credit card fees, from keeping our food safe to keeping our water supply clean, we all rely on government-funded systems in our daily lives.

"We the People": Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing

Sean Moulton, Center for Effective Government's Director of Open Government Policy, testifies at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, "We the People: Fulfilling the Promise of Open Government Five Years After The OPEN Government Act."

Open Government in the Second Term: National Security and Secrecy

This panel discussion took place during Sunshine Week 2013 and was moderated by Ginger McCall, Director of the Open Government Project at the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

Implementing Open Government: Challenges and Opportunities in the Second Term

This panel discussion took place during Sunshine Week 2013 and was moderated by Katherine McFate, President and CEO, Center for Effective Government. 

Proactive Disclosure

Gavin Baker, Center for Effective Government's Open Government Policy Analyst, speaks at the Advisory Committee on Transparency's lightning talks on January 28, 2013.

Briefing on Poisoned Places: Toxic Air, Neglected Communities

At a briefing entitled "Poisoned Places: Toxic Air, Neglected Communities," Katherine McFate moderates a discussion on health and safety risks and improving enforcement of existing standards.

Fight Attacks on Public Protections!

This video explores the variety of attacks on public protections in 2010, as well as the price we all pay
when standards and enforcement aren't taken seriously. It was released in December 2010.

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