OMB Releases Contracting Guidance

The Office of Management and Budget has just released two long-awaited contracting reform memos as part of President Obama's larger efforts to overhaul federal contracting. The memos outline ways to increase competition while reducing risks for the government and about strategic planning for the acquisition workforce.

Both memos are the result of a contracting reform process started back in March when President Obama released a memorandum calling for an overhaul of the federal contracting process. OMB released three other memos at the end of July, and one more is still expected very soon that will seek to clarify the definition of "inherently governmental" so agencies can view contracts for potential work that should be insourced back to federal employees.

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Subcommittee on Contracting Oversight will hold a hearing on Wednesday afternoon to review the new guidance, with Jeff Zients, Deputy Director for Management and Chief Performance Officer at OMB testifying.

Increasing Competition and Structuring Contracts for the Best Results (.pdf)
Acquisition Workforce Development Strategic Plan for Civilian Agencies – FY 2010-2014 (.pdf)

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