Witness Wednesday

More than 3 million hard-working Americans have been cut off of emergency unemployment compensation since the program was allowed to expire on Dec. 28, 2013. Extended unemployment benefits help people pay their rent, utility bills, and transportation while they seek new work. In the past, both Republicans and Democrats have helped the unemployed get back on their feet. It's time for us to come together again and support our friends and neighbors.

This video library features archived footage from each of the seven Witness Wednesdays events. For more information and tools you can use to take action, please visit www.witnesswednesdays.org.

Witness Wednesdays: June 11 kickoff event

Witness Wednesdays: June 18 event -- Long-term unemployment, women, and families

Witness Wednesdays: June 25 event -- Long-term unemployment and veterans

Witness Wednesdays: July 9 event -- Long-term unemployment and minority workers

Witness Wednesdays: July 16 event -- Long-term unemployment and older and younger workers

Witness Wednesdays: July 23 event -- Long-term unemployment, small businesses, and local economies

Witness Wednesdays: July 30 event

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