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Media Coverage

The making of a CEO's $232 million retirement
The Orange County Register

CEOs have platinum pension packages
USA Today

U.S. CEO retirement packages: Bigger than yours
Reuters (Reprinted in the New York Times, TIME, Business Insider, Yahoo! News Canada, Yahoo! News France

The difference in retirement funds for top female and male CEOs
Washington Post

Top 100 US CEOs sitting on retirement nest egg of nearly $5bn
The Guardian

Top 100 CEO Retirement Savings Equals 41% of U.S. Families

Another facet of inequality in the U.S.: Retirement
CBS MoneyWatch

These 100 execs have more retirement savings than 40% of America combined
Dow Jones MarketWatch

Workers struggle to save while CEOs set aside millions

CEOs have millions more put away for retirement than their workers

U.S. CEO retirement packages: Bigger than yours
CNN Money

Top CEOs Have $4.9 Billion Saved Up for Retirement. Nearly 1/3 of Workers Have Nothing.
The Nation

US CEOs Save $49.3 Million Each For Retirement
International Business Times

Report criticizes large CEO nest eggs
Kansas City Star

100 CEOs have more in retirement savings than 50 million US families
Christian Science Monitor

How much YUM's David Novak has in his retirement account
LA Business Journal

Scott Klinger on the Ian Masters Show
The Ian Masters Show

Scott Klinger on Out of Control CEO Retirement Schemes
The Rick Smith Show

100 CEOs' Nest Eggs Worth as Much as Entire Retirement Savings of Bottom 41% of Families
Huffington Post

Top U.S. CEOs have billions awaiting them in retirement
Globe and Mail

100 CEOs Have Saved as Much for Retirement as 50 Million Americans
The Fiscal Times

'A Tale of Two Retirements': New Report Blasts Rigged Rules That Favor Corporate Execs
Common Dreams

100 largest CEO retirement accounts equal 41% of American families' retirement savings — report
Pensions and Investments

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CEOs Have Millions More Stashed Away For Retirement Than Their Workers

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