Economy and Jobs Watch: CBO Projecting Large Deficits

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) today released their baseline budget estimates for 2005-2014. The analysis shows that in 2004 deficits will likely reach $477 billion - which is 4.2% of GDP - and that deficits will continue over the next decade, reaching a cumulative $1.9 trillion baseline over the next 10 years.

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Economy and Jobs Watch: Long-term Budget Choices

Several new reports have pointed to the weakness of the long-run U.S. fiscal situation. A wide range of observers -- from independent analysts to conservative think-tanks, from international aid organizations to congressional analysts, and even from the administration itself -- are all pointing to the fact that current tax and budget policy is not sustainable. (See links below).

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Long-run Fiscal Condition of the US

A new report from the CBO shows just how harmful current tax policies have been to the long-run health of the country.

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Spending Cuts? What Spending Cuts?

The long-term picture for discretionary domestic spending looks grim.

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The Deficit As a Serious Problem

Like the Reagan administration, the Bush administration continues to describe the budget deficit as a manageable problem and presents a rosy picture in which deficits will soon diminish. But like the Reagan administration these comments are far from reality.

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Tools You Can Use - Links to Various Resources

Listing of useful federal budget and tax resources for nonprofits. Prepared for the Federation for Community Planning's "Federal Budget Training Academy" held in DC September 21-24, 2003.

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Effective Tax Rates

The effective federal tax rate for middle income americans in 2000 was 16.7%, according to a new CBO report.

Congressional Budget Office - CBO FTP for 'Effective Federal Tax Rates, 1997 to 2000'


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Economy and Jobs Watch: Deficit Outlook

The 2004 deficit is set to grow to nearly $500 billion, and the 10-year deficit is likely to be nearly $6 trillion, a new OMB Watch analysis shows.

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Half of 2004 Deficit Deterioration Due to Revenue-Reduction

OMB Watch - Half of 2004 Deficit Deterioration Due to Revenue-Reduction Legislation

Half of 2004 Deficit Deterioration Due to Revenue-Reduction Legislation

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