Kyl - Sense of the Senate

Senator Kyl has introduced a sense of the Congress resolution SJ Res 21 on October 23rd supporting the extension of estate tax repeal from 2010 until it is permanently repealed. Quoting the resolution:

"That it is the sense of Congress that the number of years during which the death tax under subtitle B of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 is repealed should be extended, pending the permanent repeal of the death tax."

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Estate tax media statement

I would like to thank everyone here for coming out to talk about a very important issue, the estate tax.

Today, I would like to talk about the current status of estate tax law and pending legislation; as well as some new research that measures what effect a repeal might have on charitable giving.

As you probably know, current estate tax allows people to deduct charitable donations from their estate, allowing them to reduce their tax burden. If you remove this incentive to give to charity, you will reduce the amount of charitable giving in this country.

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Kyl Still Pushing for Permanent Estate Tax Repeal

Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) is making a new push to permanently repeal the estate tax in spite of budget deficits and a growing national debt (not to mention its fundamental unfairness).

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OMB Watch Goes on the Road with a State-by-State Analysis of the Estate Tax and Charitable Giving

OMB Watch’s John Irons is on the road to promote a new study that details state-by-state analysis of charitable losses from the estate tax repeal.

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Estate Tax Tour

Americans for a Fair Estate Tax

In the next two weeks I will be travelling the country to speak on the estate tax.

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The Estate Tax and Charitable Giving: State-by-State Analysis

Research has shown that eliminating the estate tax would have a significant negative impact on giving to charitable organizations. Using state-level data on charitable revenue, this report estimates the state-by-state loss in charitable giving that would result from a full elimination of the estate tax.

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OMB Watch on Estate Tax Tour

On behalf of Americans for a Fair Estate Tax, a coalition of nonprofit organizations opposing the repeal of the estate tax, OMB Watch economist John Irons will be traveling the country in early September – from Washington, D.C., to Washington State, Portland, Oregon, to Portland, Maine, and a number of places in between – to discuss recent reports assessing the impact of estate tax repeal on charitable giving. These local events will be organized by United for a Fair Economy, the Fair Taxes for All coalition, and their local affiliates.

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