Estate-tax planners on giving

Many estate tax planners are worried about the effect a repeal would have on charitable giving (see story below).

In this story, there was also quote from a lawyer saying that "Some studies suggest that repeal would decrease the amount given at death, while others seem to show that by removing the tax burden, there may be more discretionary assets available for planned giving." (Emphasis added)

This is a very standard kind of statement made by people who wish to deny the harmful affects an estate tax repeal would have on charities.

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Tax planning and Charity

Estate planners often raise the issue of charitable giving and the tax benefits of giving, for example see:

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Baby Boomer Inheritance

New reseach shows that the median inheritance for baby-boomers was $47,909 -- well below the $1.5 million of estates that will be tax free in 2004.

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Cost of Estate Tax Repeal

Over 20 years, the repeal would cost $982 billion in lost revenues.

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Christian Science Monitor Article

A recent article from the Christian Science Monitor describes the impact of proposed legislation (CARE act, and estate tax repeal) on charitable giving.

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Reform Not Repeal

AFET has registered the domains and Feel free to use them to link to

These URL's represent AFET's belief that the estate tax in an important part of a fair and efficient tax system; and that simple reform is a viable option to full repeal.

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Report from the Treasury Department "Death Tax" Roundtable

On Nov. 6 the Treasury Department hosted a “Roundtable on Jobs, Growth, and the Abolition of the Death Tax." There was surprisingly little substance discussed at this one-sided event – most participants opted to rehash old rhetoric opposing the estate tax. There was no new serious research discussed and no new data presented.

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Treasury Roundtable - report

Tax Analysts: TaxWire: Treasury Holds Roundtable on Estate Tax Repeal

Treasury Holds Roundtable on Estate Tax Repeal

The Treasury Department hosted an event November 6 to rally around President Bush's plan to make the estate tax repeal permanent beyond its 2011 expiration.

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