Scott Klinger: Director, Revenue and Spending Policies

Scott Klinger joined the Center for Effective Government in October 2013 as its Director of Revenue and Spending Policies. His team advocates for fair taxes that raise enough revenue to adequately fund government and for effective spending policies that provide Americans security, opportunity, and prosperity. Scott’s expertise focuses on popularizing often complicated tax and spending policies in ways that help citizens understand how decisions made in Washington D.C. affect their daily lives and to use this understanding to be more effective advocates for public services and investment.

Prior to joining Center for Effective Government, Scott was the Tax Policy Director at the American Sustainable Business Council and an Associate Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, where he wrote about issues of tax and economic inequality. He was also the Director of Corporate Engagement at First Peoples Worldwide and a Portfolio Manager at United States Trust Company, Boston.

Scott has written widely on the topics of progressive taxation, executive compensation, and corporate social responsibility.

Scott earned a B.A. from Duke University. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst® charterholder.

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