The Bush Regulatory Record: A Pattern of Failure

Pattern_of_Failure How far has the administration gone in placing special interests over the public interest? Read The Bush Regulatory Record: A Pattern of Failure, which analyzes the Fall 2003 and Spring 2004 editions of the Unified Agenda and places them in the four-year context.

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New Report: Continuing Attacks on Nonprofit Advocacy: Death by a Thousand Cuts II

OMB Watch has published Continuing Attacks on Nonprofit Advocacy: Death by a Thousand Cuts II, which documents a pattern of attempts to limit the policy voice of nonprofits by the Bush administration and its conservative allies. The federal government has used audit powers, funding cuts and other tactics to take action against nonprofits that exercise their right to advocate on issues. See the Executive Summary and download the full report (in pdf format).

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The Estate Tax and Charitable Giving: State-by-State Analysis

Research has shown that eliminating the estate tax would have a significant negative impact on giving to charitable organizations. Using state-level data on charitable revenue, this report estimates the state-by-state loss in charitable giving that would result from a full elimination of the estate tax.

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2001 Recession In Perspective: Economic and Budget Situation

A comparison of the last three recessions shows that even while declines in total output in the 2001 recession were smaller than average, the recovery has been weaker than average. In particular, the employment situation has seen substantial deterioration relative to the start of the recession as well as compared to past recessions.

The budget outlook is particularly troubling. Despite the relatively small drop in total output, federal government revenue has dropped to record levels, and record surpluses have turned into record deficits in a few short years. Comparisons with past recessions show that the deterioration in the budget situation is unlikely to be due to the economic situation, and that current tax and budget policy are likely to blame.

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An Attack on Nonprofit Speech: Death By a Thousand Cuts (Full Report)

July 2003 paper prepared by Gary D. Bass, Kay Guinane and Ryan Turner, with assistance from Tim Visser, an OMB Watch intern, who did research on the impact of the Patriot Act on nonprofits.

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Research on Nonprofit Advocacy Released

The Strengthening Nonprofit Advocacy Project (SNAP) was launched by OMB Watch, Tufts University and Charity Lobbying in the Public Interest as the first national research effort designed to investigate the public policy role of nonprofit organizations exempt under 501(c)(3) of the tax code, which are called charities. The goals of the research are to determine nonprofits' level of involvement in public policy issues, and to identify factors that motivate their involvement as well as impede them.

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