Redesigned Right-to-Know Website Now Live

The newly redesigned Right-to-Know Network (RTK NET) website is up and running.

Interested in what toxic chemicals are being released into your town's air and water? Need information on how much hazardous waste is generated at the plant down the street? Want to know what events are impacting your right to know about environmental threats?

The improved RTK NET makes it easier for the public to access and track the information needed to protect the health of their families and environment.

RTK NET users have long been able to access important government databases of environmental information through this site. The redesigned site provides an improved interface to databases such as the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) and now also offers news, data, and analysis of environmental right-to-know issues.

New features include interactive maps allowing users to quickly find pollution information for their state. Visitors will also find new graphs that clearly depict pollution trends and lists of the top facilities for pollution releases, chemical spills, hazardous waste generation, and more. Search results offer improved summary views that allow users to more quickly find and understand what's happening in their communities.

The website also provides news, reports, and analyses of right-to-know issues covering a broad range of environmental and public health topics – from measuring greenhouse gas emissions to protecting drinking water safety. This website serves as a clearinghouse for information on government transparency, public access to information, and public participation in environmental decision making.

Let us know what you think about the new features and the database search functions.

Visit the website at

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