Alabama Moves One Step Closer to Early Voting

An Alabama House Committee approved a measure that would allow no-excuse absentee voting for Alabama voters.  The bill would allow anyone to cast an absentee ballot as long as 40 days before the election.  The House Constitution and Elections Committee approved the bill 9-2.

According to the Birmingham News, "Alabama voters now can vote by absentee ballot only if they attest that they will be out of town on election day, are too ill to go to the polls or give another accepted reason."  If the current legislation passes, they will no longer have to provide an excuse for not voting in person on Election Day.

Furthermore, if this bill becomes law, it should cut down on Election Day crowds.  There were massive lines for the 2008 presidential election in Alabama and proponents of this bill are hoping that early voting will drastically decrease the lines on Election Day.

House Rules Chairman Ken Guin told the Birmingham News that "he thought the House would consider the early voting bill within a few weeks."

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