State Budget Problems Cause Economic Hardship

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has once again released an analysis of state government budget health, and the news continues to deteriorate. In their lastest analysis, they rank all 50 states according to changes in three main economic indicators - employment, poverty, and housing foreclosures. The report finds: States across the country have projected budget shortfalls totaling at least $48 billion for 2009. To meet their balanced budget requirements, they are being forced to raise taxes and/or cut expenditures — both of which reduce overall demand and thereby weaken the impact of the recent federal stimulus package. Federal fiscal relief would limit the need for such actions. CBPP argues pretty convincingly that because the states that are showing the most economic problems are the same ones that are having budget issues, fiscal relief for state budgets would go a long way to improving econonmic conditions. Good stuff. Maybe Congress should consider this, huh? CBPP: ECONOMIC DATA CAN BE USED TO TARGET STATE FISCAL RELIEF EFFECTIVELY
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