OIRA Meets Regarding BART Rule

OIRA met with representatives of Pacificorp power company, the White House's Council on Environmental Quality and the Environmental Protection Agency regarding a Best Available Retrofit Technology (BART) regulation on May 16. The rule, also known as the Clean Air Visibility Rule, would seek to limit regional haze by requiring power plants and factories to install the best available retrofit technology (BART) to control sulfur dioxide and other emissions. These emissions lead to visibility impairment, which is widespread throughout the national park system. EPA's Spring 2005 Unified Agenda, released the same day as the meeting with Pacificorp, states that the agency is planning to promulgate a final rule sometime this month. EPA originally promulgated a BART rule in 1999, but the rule was vacated by the DC Circuit court. Environmental Defense and Earthjustice then sued the agency to force them to promulgate a regional haze rule. Read more here.
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