New report on environmental enforcement

TRAC continues to release valuable information about environmental enforcement during the Bush administration. Unlike the recent bad news about declining prosecution, the latest report -- about prosecution of wildlife law violations -- reflects only geographical unevenness: The extent federal criminal charges are brought against individuals and businesses for violations of the nation's wildlife laws vary remarkedly from one part of the country to another . . . . According to the new data base, most -- over four out of five or 83% -- of the recommendations for prosecution from the investigative agencies on wildlife matters resulted in the bringing of charges. See graph. This was about the same as in the past Clinton administration where the rate was just over 82%. The high proportion of recommended matters that were prosecuted in this component of environmental enforcement sharply contrasts with the outcomes for those charged for violating the pollution laws. Perhaps the most striking aspect of federal wildlife prosecutions is their concentration in a handful of federal judicial districts.
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