Graham -- let's flesh this out a bit

Just can't let this go. The Graham profile in the Seattle Times is so broad that it may not be immediately apparent the extent to which Graham has set back regulatory policy and kept the agencies from serving the public interest. Here are some of those missing details:
  • OMB Role in Fuel Economy Change Exposed
  • Administration Asks Manufacturers for Regulatory Hit List
  • GAO Finds OMB Regulatory Review Not Well Documented
  • Graham Advises Agencies on Valuing Lives of Seniors
  • OMB Waters Down Standards on Factory-Farm Runoff
  • OMB Expands Influence Over Scientific Decisions
  • Industry, OMB Press EPA to Offer Exemptions to Clean Air Standards
  • Administration Devalues the Elderly
  • OMB Blocks Nationwide Health Warning on Asbestos
  • OMB Builds Record of Rollbacks
  • OMB Weakens Hazardous Waste Rule
  • OMB Guts Marine Diesel Rule
  • EPA Issues Weak Rule on Snowmobile Emissions After Earful from Graham
  • OMB Guts EPA Standards to Limit Construction Runoff
  • White House Subverting Health, Safety & Environmental Protection
  • OMB Weakens EPA Proposal to Limit Fish Kills from Power Plants
  • OMB Hijacks Clean Air Standards
  • NHTSA Issues Weakened Tire Pressure Monitoring Rule
  • In Rejecting NHTSA Rule, Graham Shows True Colors
We could probably add more, but human hands can only type so much....
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