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Though the nation's economy is booming, we suffer grave challenges to our domestic situation. Lack of health care for our citizens, persistent hunger and homelessness, increasing numbers of children living in poverty, threats to our environment, crumbling infrastructure, and numerous other factors are threatening to erode the strength of our current prosperity. Further, during the past generation of budget deficits, domestic investment has been held in check in the name of "fiscal responsibility." Even under President Clinton's proposed budget, by FY 2004 domestic discretionary spending will be the lowest it has been as a percentage of Gross National Product since FY 1963.

In an era of budget surpluses, we as a nation have the ability to address the needs of Social Security and Medicare and still respond to the other pressing domestic needs of our country. Now is the time to make the call for these wise investments.

The Invest in America Campaign is a coordinated effort by more than 300 national organizations with the common aim of making the case for the need for increased domestic investment. In December 1998, the campaign sent a letter to the president calling for attention to domestic issues in the president's budget. Now, the campaign has created a Statement of Principles and is seeking organizational endorsements from national, state, and local groups throughout the country.

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