Norquist Continues Offensive Comparisons

Whitehouse advisor Grover Norquist is standing by his comparison of the estate tax to the Holocaust.

Now he is also equating "high marginal tax rates" with Nazism...

FORWARD : News : Anti-tax Activist Defends Holocaust Comparison

A top anti-tax activist and White House ally is standing by his comparison of proponents of the estate tax to the perpetrators of the Holocaust, while taking the analogy further and dismissing his critics as "socialists."

"The Nazis were for gun control, the Nazis were for high marginal tax rates," said Grover Norquist in an interview with the Forward. "Do you want to talk about who's closer politically to national socialism, the Right or the Left?"

Norquist said his comments were entirely reasonable because he was drawing comparisons to misguided socialist policies. He also sought to distinguish his comments from two 30-second videos comparing President Bush to Adolf Hitler that were temporarily posted on the Web site
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