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Executive Order 12866 requires agencies to publish an agenda that outlines the regulatory and deregulatory plans of each agency. The agenda is published in the spring and the fall and includes the agencies' plans for prerules, proposed rules, final rules, and long-term rules as well as including what items have been completed or withdrawn since the last agenda period. As required by E.O. 12866, each Unified Agenda entry includes, at minimum, "a regulation identifier number, a brief summary of the action, the legal authority for the action, any legal deadline for the action, and the name and telephone number of a knowledgeable agency official." The fall Unified Agenda also includes the regulatory plan of each agency, which identifies regulatory priorities and gives a more detailed account of rulemaking activities in the coming year. Information in the Unified Agenda is gathered and published by the Government Service Administration's Regulatory Information Service Center.

As of December 2007, the Unified Agenda is only available electronically. Search or browse the Unified Agenda online at For older Unified Agendas (April 2007 and prior) visit the Government Printing Office website. For tips on finding information in the Unified Agenda, visit our "How to Read the Unified Agenda" page.


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