Table: FY 2002-03 Percentage Growth in Discretionary Budget Authority

Note: Many of the increases noted in the table below are due to programs specifically concerned with the President's $37.7 billion Homeland Security budget. For a more-detailed analysis of the components of the Homeland Security and other agency budgets, please see the OMB Watch website for other analyses.

Agency Percentage Growth
Agriculture 0.5 or less
Commerce 0.5 or less
Defense 12
Education 1
Energy 5
Health & Human Services 9
Housing & Urban Development 7
Interior 0.5 or less
State & International Assistance Programs 4
Justice -1
Labor -7
Transportation 19
Treasury 5
Veterans Affairs 7
Corps of Engineers -10
EPA Operating Program 2
FEMA 114
National Science Foundation 5
Small Business Administration 2
Social Security Administration 5
Smithsonian 6

Source:Table S-6, Summary Tables, Fiscal Year 2003 Budget of the U.S. Government

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