CBO Account-level Data on Government Spending, 2005-2014

The 2005 Budget submitted by the president last week contained only partial information for spending over the next 5 years. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has since developed estimates of costs contained in the president's FY2005 budget covering the period from 2005 to 2014.

The spending proposals for specific programs are contained in a 1,300+ computer run that was provided to Congress. (Note, OMB Watch has also provided the 5-year account level detail produced by the Office of Management and Budget.)

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) has obtained these data and shared them with OMB Watch to post on our website.

CBO Account-level Data on Government Spending:

The CBO computer run shows, for every budget account,

  • the amount in the president's budget through 2014 as estimated by CBO;
  • the amount in CBO's new, revised (March) baseline; and
  • the difference between the two.


The CBO baseline extends the $87 billion Iraq supplement enacted last fall continues to grow over the 10-year horizon with inflation.

Some accounts are divided among subaccounts. Discressionary spending split across supplemental and regular appropriations will be listed in separate accounts. In addition, programs with some discressionary approriations and some mandatory spending may show up in separate categories as well as separate accounts.

The computer run is sorted by CBO category and then by budget function, with totals at the end. The account names and numbers are the same as in the president's budget.

Since the president's budget only contains 5 years of spending data for discretionary programs, CBO assumes that the president's policy will allow funding after 2009 to rise with inflation from their 2009 levels.

For an analysis of this data, see Administration’s Proposed Discretionary Spending Caps Represent Unsound and Inequitable Policy, from CBPP.

(We thank Richard Kogan at CBPP for providing this information.)

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