Background on CII

OMB Watch has articles, fact sheets, and letters about the Davis-Moran bill (H.R. 2435), and the Bennett-Kyl bill (S.B. 1456). To post information, please contact OMB Watch.

Articles and Fact Sheets On Critical Infrastructure Information

Sharing Seen As Critical For Security
By Dan Caterinicchia, May 9, 2002

The Quiet Fight for a FOIA Break
By Bara Vaida, March 11, 2002

Reject the Corporate Secrecy Grab: Industry's push for new exemptions from the Freedom of Information Act is unnecessary and dangerous
By David Banisar, January 28, 2002

White House Seeks Industry's Good Ideas
By William Jackson, January 28, 2002

White House official outlines cybersecurity initiatives
By Maureen Sirhal, January 25, 2002

NRDC's 11/25/01 Fact Sheet Outlining Problems With S. 1456

NRDC's 11/16/01 Analysis S. 1456

November 6, 2001 Version of "The Critical Infrastructure Information Act of 2001" (S. 1456)

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