House Proposes Energy and Water Spending Cuts

The first major spending bill with significant cuts for the coming year was released this week. The bill, which funds energy and water programs, cuts funding for those programs by about 10 percent.

Overall, the bill provides $30.4 billion, $2.9 billion less than fiscal year 2013 (before sequestration) and $4.1 billion below the president’s request.

Several programs are cut by far more than 10 percent. The bill cuts funding for renewable energy by $911 million, or approximately half compared to the fiscal year 2013 level. By comparison, funding for coal, natural gas, and other fossil fuel technologies is largely spared.

Funding for defense nuclear nonproliferation is down $334 million below the pre-sequestration fiscal year 2013 level. At the same time, proposed funding for weapons activities and nuclear reactors is up.

According to the House appropriations plan, more cuts will be expected in several appropriations bills yet to be considered, as the following chart from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities demonstrates.


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