The Ryan Plan: Budgeting for Big Business

The House Budget Committee approved last night Rep. Paul Ryan's budget resolution proposal. What would House Republicans' do given their way? Write big checks to big businesses, cut taxes for the rich, and cut off health care, nutrition, and housing assistance for the poor.

This is the budget of Big Business and the anti-government crowd. Ryan's budget doesn't dial back the laundry list of national priorities so much as it simply hacks away at the amount of resources devoted to accomplishing them. And in areas where he can, he opens them up to private corporations to skim funds as they flow from the Treasury to the provisioning of services. For what's left of programs operated by the federal government, Ryan's budget leaves a fraction of the funds necessary to implement an effective social safety net, protect the public, and invest in the economy as businesses and the wealthy contribute less.

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Image by Flickr user Will-travel used under a Creative Commons license.

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