Second Round of Recovery Act Recipient Reports Released Saturday

As a reminder, tomorrow the Recovery Board will release the next batch of recipient reports on The new reports will be released along with a limited overhaul of the site, which will feature a new search option, a "diversity map," and a job search function. We'll be reviewing these new features, and the new reports, on Monday.

Also, this release will be the first under the new job counting rules, which eliminate the awkward "created or saved" dichotomy from last cycle.

And, as always, remember that over two-thirds of Recovery Act spending will not be included in this release, a point helpfully highlighted by a recent Center on Budget and Policy Priorities report. So while it's great that we're getting another batch of recipient reports, we still don't have comparable transparency for a vast majority of the Act's funding.

For more Recovery Act info, check out our past coverage here.

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