OMB Releases Guidance on Recovery Act Reporting

Yesterday (June 22) OMB released a new guidance memo detailing recipient reporting under the Recovery Act.  The guidance also consists of two useful supplements, one on the programs subject to the reporting requirements, and another on the recipient reporting model.  We've been waiting for this guidance for a while now, and we'll have a more thorough analysis of it up later. 

In the meantime, you can brush up on reporting under the Recovery Act by reading the previous OMB guidance memos.  Also, you should check out the work the Coalition for an Accountable Recovery (of which OMB Watch is a member) has been doing on this subject, including two memos, one on a National System for Collection and Dissemination of Government Spending Data and one on the Interim Data Reporting Architecture, both of which outline the ideals we think and Recovery reporting in general should embody.

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