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Feb 8, 2016

Top 400 Taxpayers See Tax Rates Rise, But There’s More to the Story

As Americans were gathering party supplies to greet the New Year, the Internal Revenue Service released their annual report of cumulative tax data reported on the 400 tax r...

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Feb 4, 2016

Chlorine Bleach Plants Needlessly Endanger 63 Million Americans

Chlorine bleach plants across the U.S. put millions of Americans in danger of a chlorine gas release, a substance so toxic it has been used as a chemical weapon. Greenpeace’s new repo...

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Jan 25, 2016

U.S. Industrial Facilities Reported Fewer Toxic Releases in 2014

The Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) data for 2014 is now available. The good news: total toxic releases by reporting facilities decreased by nearly six percent from 2013 levels. Howe...

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Jan 22, 2016

Methane Causes Climate Change. Here's How the President Plans to Cut Emissions by 40-45 Percent.

  UPDATE (Jan. 22, 2016): Today, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released its proposed rule to reduce methane emissions...

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House, Senate Reach Deal on FY 2010 Budget Resolution

budget resolution approvedThe House and Senate negotiators have reached agreement on the FY 2010 budget resolution. The resolution is expected on the floor of both chambers by tomorrow, marking the 100th day of President Obama's administration. Overall, the compromise fulfills many of Obama's top priorities, including reducing the nation’s dependence on foreign oil, improving education, reforming health care all the while reducing the deficit and cutting taxes, mainly for the middle class.

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House, Senate Pass Budget Resolutions

The House and Senate each passed their budget resolutions on April 2, mostly along party lines, before breaking for a two-week spring recess. The resolutions delineate approximately $3.6 trillion in spending for Fiscal Year 2010 and track closely with the major proposals outlined by President Barack Obama, including estimates of historic budget deficits. Those deficits could become significantly worse due to the adoption of an amendment in the Senate that calls for further cuts to the estate tax, benefiting the richest families in the country.

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Senators Stake Out Absurd Positions on Fiscal "Responsibility"

I just wanted to take a minute or two to heap scorn on the Senators who voted to cut taxes for millionaires, but especially on those who claim allegiance to "fiscal responsibility."

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House and Senate Approve Budget Resolutions Before Skipping Town for Spring Break

Yesterday the House and Senate each approved their respective FY 2010 budget resolutions. Slogging through a seemingly endless stream of votes on amendments, the Senate approved (55-43) their spending plan (S Con Res 13) last night several hours after the House passed (233-196) its version (H Con Res 85).

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Never Mind the Facts, What the Economy Needs Are Tax Breaks

The House and Senate are debating this week and will most likely vote on their respective budget resolutions. As per tradition, the minority party will offer their own budget resolution for a vote. In a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed today, Ranking House Budge Committee Member Paul Ryan (R-WI) introduces America to their spending blueprint, otherwise known as "The Republican Budget: Now with NumbersTM."

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56 National Organizations Oppose More Tax Cuts for Millionaires

The House and Senate are debating the FY 2010 budget resolution on the floor this week and in anticipation of regressive amendments that would expand the cut to the estate tax enacted under the Bush administration, OMB Watch joined 55 other national nonprofit organizations have sent a letter to each senator urging them to oppose any amendment that further erodes the estate tax.

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The Budget Process and You: An In-Depth Guide

As the FY 2010 budget cycle gets underway, casual readers and even some familiar with the budget process may find themselves looking for more detailed information on the budget process to better understand what's going on in Congress with respect to budgetmaking. Fortunately, for novices and budget aficionados alike, the House Rules Committee has posted myriad CRS reports on not only the budget process, but on the legislative process in general.

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"Where's the Budget Outrage?"

Where's the Budget Outrage?" is a question asked by columnist E.J. Dionne, Jr. in an op-ed in today's Washington Post. In it he discusses the "cut-the-poor, help-the-big-interests federal budget," and the vote on the budget reconciliation bill that is taking place in the House tomorrow. This op-ed is a good read, especially as we prepare to hear President Bush outline his agenda on budget, tax, and health care issues in tonight's State of the Union.

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Wednesday's Vote on Budget Reconciliation Bill Will be Close

As the House gears up for tomorrow’s vote on cutting $40 billion in entitlement spending from the budget, the House leadership is less and less confident they will have enough votes to ram these cuts through. Following in the footsteps of Rep. Simmons (R-CT), who recently changed his position on the bill, a number of moderate GOP Representatives are considering voting against the bill as well. These include Reps. Sherwood Boehlert (R-NY), Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA), John Sweeney (R-NY), and Chris Shays (R-CT).

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Budget Bill Vote on Wed.; CBO Releases Cost Estimate

The long-awaited House vote on the Senate-passed budget reconciliation bill is taking place this Wednesday, February 1. The vote is expected to be extremely close, as a handful of moderate Republicans who previously voted for the bill are expected to vote against it this time around.

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Living in the Shadow of Danger: Poverty, Race, and Unequal Chemical Facility Hazards

People of color and people living in poverty, especially poor children of color, are significantly more likely...

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A Tale of Two Retirements: One for CEOs and One for the Rest of Us

The 100 largest CEO retirement funds are worth a combined $4.9 billion, equal to the entire retirement account savings of 41 percent of American fam...

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