Boehner Seeks Additional Spending Cuts in Return for Debt Increase

In a June 11 interview, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) said that any further increase in the federal debt limit should be accompanied by additional spending cuts, according to Roll Call.

“I believe that if we’re going to increase the debt limit, there ought to be cuts and reforms in place that are greater than the increase in the debt limit,” Speaker Boehner said.

Boehner's position appeared somewhat tempered, however. “Our goal here is not to default. Our goal here is to get ourselves on a sound fiscal path,” Boehner said.

The Obama administration has rejected any conditions for a debt limit increase. The Congressional Budget Office announced that same day that the federal debt limit will be reached in October or November.

White House chief of staff Denis McDonough met with several Republican senators Tuesday. After the meeting, one anonymous source told The Hill, “The White House doesn’t think we need to continue to look for ways to cut spending. Republicans want to look for spending cuts.”

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