Baby Boomer Inheritance

New reseach shows that the median inheritance for baby-boomers was $47,909 -- well below the $1.5 million of estates that will be tax free in 2004.

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Appropriations Update

It looks like congress will go home for vacation leaving more than half of the annual appropriations bills unfinished.

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Cost of Estate Tax Repeal

Over 20 years, the repeal would cost $982 billion in lost revenues.

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Christian Science Monitor Article

A recent article from the Christian Science Monitor describes the impact of proposed legislation (CARE act, and estate tax repeal) on charitable giving.

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The Fiscal Crisis Affecting the Nonprofit Sector

Some charts from a recent presentation by Gary Bass:

The Fiscal Crisis Affecting the Nonprofit Sector (.doc)

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Farms and Businesses

A recent email asked:

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Glossary of Important Budget Terms

Ellen Taylor has compiled a nice glossary of budget terms.

See: OMB Watch - Glossary of Important Budget Terms.

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Reform Not Repeal

AFET has registered the domains and Feel free to use them to link to

These URL's represent AFET's belief that the estate tax in an important part of a fair and efficient tax system; and that simple reform is a viable option to full repeal.

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Bush Tax Cuts

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