Can a Proposed EPA Rule Save the Bees?

For the past ten years, honeybees have been dying off at astonishing rates, drawing the attention of environmentalists and even the federal government. Bees are critical to a healthy environment because they transfer pollen between plants. This cross-pollination helps one-third of the plants our food system depends on to produce fruit and seeds.

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In Wyoming, Reporting Environmental Damage Could Land You in Prison

Concerned Wyoming residents who want to protect their state’s beautiful natural resources and keep their families safe from harmful contaminants have been silenced.

Earlier this year, the Wyoming legislature passed a bill making it a crime for citizens to collect information about the environment and report concerns to their state or federal government.

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Beef Industry Groups Meet to Discuss Sustainability but Leave with a Marketing Plan

A coalition of beef producers and major food companies met last month in Brazil to address an issue of increasing importance: the significant, harmful environmental impact of raising beef cattle in a world with a growing population and declining resources.

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