Senate Announces Spending Allocations for FY 2014

The Senate released allocations for each of the twelve appropriations bills on June 20, dividing up $1.058 trillion in spending for the coming fiscal year.

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Report: Public Interest Groups Outspent on Tax Issues

A new report from Public Citizen says that public interest groups working on tax reform are being vastly outspent by corporate lobbyists and PACs.

According to a story in The Huffington Post:

Some reform-minded groups are lobbying in favor of these bills, notes Public Citizen. But they are being drowned out by the lobbying in the other direction.

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State Budgets Are Improving, But Still Not Fully Recovered From Recession

The National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO) and the National Governors Association (NGA) have released their Spring 2013 Fiscal Survey of States.

According to NASBO:

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House May Pass Partisan Tax Reform Plan

House Republicans have indicated that, if necessary, they may pass tax reform legislation with little or no support from House Democrats, according to a June 18 article in The Hill.

One key difference between the two parties is whether tax reform legislation should raise new revenues overall, as Democrats would prefer, or be revenue-neutral, as Republicans would prefer.

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GOP 30-year Budget Projections Target Social Security and Medicare

Ezra Klein wrote an interesting piece over at the Wonk Blog this afternoon poking fun at congressional Republicans who have decided that, since current budget deficits are dropping, it makes more sense for them to focus on 30-year deficit projections.

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No Movement on Larger Budget Framework in the House

While budget talks between the Obama administration and Senate Republicans seem stalled, House Republicans also seem content to wait until the fall before launching the next budget battle, according to a June 16 report from Politico.

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Bad Apple!

On June 13, the tech-savvy pranksters at Americans for Tax Fairness and the San Francisco Light Projection Team projected the image above on the building hosting Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco.

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Sign-on Letter Opposing House Spending Cuts Circulated

USAction is circulating a sign-on letter opposing House spending bills that would increase defense spending and cut domestic programs. The letter is open to national, state, and local organizations through June 25.

President Obama has already issued a veto threat against two House spending bills for these reasons. The Center for Effective Government is among the organizations that have signed the letter.

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House Republican Tax Committee Chairman Opposes Capping Deductions

At a June 12 event, House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) said he opposes the Obama administration's proposal to limit the value of itemized deductions for high-income taxpayers to 28 percent.

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Playing with Armageddon: The Politics of the Debt Ceiling

Although federal budget deficits are on the wane, Republicans in Congress are still playing politics with the debt ceiling. House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has demanded additional spending cuts as a condition for another debt ceiling increase.

Are we really on the road to another debt ceiling crisis? How serious is this?

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