Bloch Deputy Resigns in Protest

by Craig Jennings, 7/11/2008

NPR is reporting that Office of Special Counsel Deputy James Byrne resigned Thursday in protest over the way the OSC has been managed by its embattled chief Scott Bloch.

Byrne sent a message to office employees, saying, "I am grateful for the opportunities I have been afforded during my time at OSC." Sources close to Byrne describe this as a resignation in protest over the way the office has been run under Special Counsel Scott Bloch.


Deputy Special Counsel Byrne did not mention Bloch in his resignation letter to OSC employees. Bloch has given no indication that he plans to leave his job.

Bloch has been in the news for his conduct as Special Counsel including accusations that he retaliated against whistle blowers in his office and shredding documents related to the investigation. In May, FBI agents raided his home and office. back to Blog