IRS Revises EITC Certification Program

by Adam Hughes*, 8/6/2003

On August 5, the IRS announced significant changes in its proposed pilot program to require pre-certification of EITC taxfilers. (See previous entry for more information.)

The changes include:

  • Rather than starting the program in August, it will take place during the regular tax season, with notices going out in December 2003. This will allow filers more access to information and tax assistance. It is not clear whether this will still cause delays in refunds to some taxpayers.
  • The pilot project has been reduced from 45,000 filers to 25,000 filers.
  • The form to be used in establishing the necessary six-month residency of a child(ren) with the taxfiler will be revised. The IRS has not determined whether to allow affidavits from friends or neighbors.
  • The results of the program will be assessed carefully before extending it during the next tax year.

For more information read the IRS press release.

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