Emergency Unemployment Benefits Are Not Forgotten

by Jessica Schieder, 2/26/2014

As politicians have shifted their focus to a discussion of minimum wage this spring, addressing the December expiration of emergency unemployment benefits, retroactively, appeared increasingly difficult. However, the Senate now appears ready to raise the issue, again, nearly two months after the emergency benefits expired.

The number of Americans, who have been cut off from unemployment insurance due to congressional inaction, will swell to just under 2 million people as February draws to a close. Approximately 1.3 million Americans were abruptly cut off from the program on Dec. 28, 2013, and the number denied benefits will continue to grow without congressional action. More than $3 billion in unemployment checks has not been distributed to unemployed workers as a result of the program‘s expiration.

The cut in unemployment compensation will continue to exacerbate shortages at food banks, elevate mortgage delinquency rates, and inhibit the ability of job-seekers to continue their search, if no action is taken.

Payroll employment, the labor market participation rate, and long-term unemployment have still not returned to pre-recession levels, and robust job growth in the near term appears unlikely. For these reasons, efforts to extend emergency unemployment compensation have attracted bipartisan support, especially among conservatives in states still plagued with high unemployment. Nonetheless, only four Republican Senators supported moving forward with the proposal in a procedural vote in early February.

Extending emergency unemployment benefits is a vital piece of unfinished business for this Congress, and it is perhaps the only vehicle of its kind that could provide relief to job-seekers trying to make it in a tough market. An extension of the emergency unemployment compensation program (EUC) should continue to be pursed for the same reasons the minimum wage should be increased-- the economy is not working for the average American. We can, and should, help low-wage job workers, those working part-time for economic reasons, and unemployed job seekers.

For a breakdown of ongoing state-by-state impacts, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has produced a concise chart that extends through December 2014 here.


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I hope to find a job and be earning my own pay check before those knuckle heads get back from vacation. I've never seen such a slow dragging on process. Since the benifts were cut off I have no money to survive I have to borrow money for bills and food from family and friends. How long can this go on for.

Senate,,,,,, thanks for deciding on a 5 month extension it only 2 months and 13 days into 2014 lets just say I'm not gonna vote for the senate any more. I'll just skip over them on the ballot card

House,,,,, lets prove to the Senate that your better that them and get this bill voted thru..... to the president.

House here are some of my bills that I will pay if the Euc bill is passed

Jan Phone bill loan 104
Car insurance march 113
Thank you Sprint for keeping my phone on till march 21 phone bill 224.00

Feb 8 during this areas 3rd polar vortex of 2014.
I did a rolling stop... Because my car was not warm as was about to stall got pulled over 2 blocks away..
Stop sign ticket 130 due march 25
March 12 200 loan cause my wisdom tooth needed to be extracted.

House as you can see I am in need of some emergency money. Please don't Start bickering over politics like the Senate does and help me please...........,

Speaker of the House John Boehner:
(202) 225-0600

Good Morning Vietnam!
The EUC bill (S2077) WILL pass the Senate when they return from vacation on the 24th because 5-republicans are now "co-sponsoring" the bill. This means there is enough votes!

Our new fight will be the House of Representatives and Speaker of House Boehner (aka Bonehead). FYI: it is prounounced BAY- NER. He gets to decide if it even gets a chance to be voted on by the House! The same pressure we used to put on the Republican Senators, we need to do for the House of Representatives. After that, we know the President will sign it into law! Everyone relax this weekend and we will re-group next week for the final battle!

Why does congress have so many vacations? I bet they have someone wipe their ass.. I feel an honest days work is equal to an honest days pay..

I want to create my own party the democrats and republicans in this country both suck way to much dick. I hope one day they trip and fall with me watching cause I would laugh like Nelson from the Simpsons. " ha ha, ha ha, ha ha"

Everyone disregard my post @ 6:05. I did read mad as hells letter. I was confused. It doesnt take much. LOL

There are now 4-articles about the Emergency Unemployment (EUC) by the Center For Effective Government:

2/26: EUC Benefits- Are Not Forgotten

3/6: EUC Benefits- Ways To Take Action

3/12: EUC Benefits- Time To Petition the Government

3/14: EUC- Compromise in the Senate

Please visit each article, however you will see the most bloggers sharing thoughts, ideas, and information on the 3/6 article (Ways To Take Action). We thought it was easier to remain on one blog instead of moving to the newest article.

To make maneuvering between the 4-articles easy, there is an underlined "click here" link located right after each story!

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I cant for the life of me find a comment mad as hell posted on 3/6 @ 12:56 p.m.. Im going out of my mind. I have looked long enough. Im done. The letter he composed today on the ways to take action blog at 12:56 p.m. was very good.

I called my state Unemployment network agency today, and just this morning every state received "word" about what we already heard in yesterday's news! There is a buzz out there now....let's keep it going. Our state agencies will not get any information until the bill is signed into law by the President and instructions will follow. If you received any EUC funds before it ran out on 12/28/13 (like I did for a week) you will probably have that amount deducted from your retroactive money they will give you in a "lump-sum amount." I believe this would be the simplest way for them to do things. In turn, we would all the remaining EUC benefits till May 31st.

This next week while the "enemy" is sleeping....we won't be! We will have a "plan of attack" and they will return with voicemails full, tons of emails, faxes, etc waiting for them! I will have list of Congressmen from each state, along with the a Senate list that "still didn't see things our way".

These Republicans have stated that EUC "are hand-outs" for us!
Everyone call Rand Paul (R-KY) 202-224 4343 and Mitch McConnell (R-KY) 202-224-2541
Let them know that hands have fingers that vote!
"This isn't funny, we want OUR money!"