Emergency Unemployment Benefits Are Not Forgotten

by Jessica Schieder, 2/26/2014

As politicians have shifted their focus to a discussion of minimum wage this spring, addressing the December expiration of emergency unemployment benefits, retroactively, appeared increasingly difficult. However, the Senate now appears ready to raise the issue, again, nearly two months after the emergency benefits expired.

The number of Americans, who have been cut off from unemployment insurance due to congressional inaction, will swell to just under 2 million people as February draws to a close. Approximately 1.3 million Americans were abruptly cut off from the program on Dec. 28, 2013, and the number denied benefits will continue to grow without congressional action. More than $3 billion in unemployment checks has not been distributed to unemployed workers as a result of the program‘s expiration.

The cut in unemployment compensation will continue to exacerbate shortages at food banks, elevate mortgage delinquency rates, and inhibit the ability of job-seekers to continue their search, if no action is taken.

Payroll employment, the labor market participation rate, and long-term unemployment have still not returned to pre-recession levels, and robust job growth in the near term appears unlikely. For these reasons, efforts to extend emergency unemployment compensation have attracted bipartisan support, especially among conservatives in states still plagued with high unemployment. Nonetheless, only four Republican Senators supported moving forward with the proposal in a procedural vote in early February.

Extending emergency unemployment benefits is a vital piece of unfinished business for this Congress, and it is perhaps the only vehicle of its kind that could provide relief to job-seekers trying to make it in a tough market. An extension of the emergency unemployment compensation program (EUC) should continue to be pursed for the same reasons the minimum wage should be increased-- the economy is not working for the average American. We can, and should, help low-wage job workers, those working part-time for economic reasons, and unemployed job seekers.

For a breakdown of ongoing state-by-state impacts, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has produced a concise chart that extends through December 2014 here.


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There is a new article by Jessica now, "EUC, Boehner signals reluctance in House."
Since the lateat article will be included in people's current "google searches" please join the conversation there!
Thank you!

Here is the list of the Republican House of Representatives that need to be called on a daily (if not more) basis to ask for/demand their support for passing the Extension of Unemployment (EUC) benefits ASAP! Please call the entire list (not just the state you live in). Let them know we are united and strong by saying:
"This isn't funny, we want OUR money! Please pass the Emergency Unemployment Compensation benefits NOW!"

Last name of Representative, First name, & last four digits of phone number. *all phone number start with (202) 225-_ _ _ _

Gosar, Paul 2315
Salmon, Matt 2635
Schweikert, David 2190
Franks, Trent 4576
Crawford, Rick 4076
Griffin, Tim 2506
Womack, Steve 4301
Cotton, Tom 3772
Miller, Jeff 4136
Southerland, Steve 5235
Yuho, Ted 5744
Crenshaw, Ander 2501
Desantis, Ron 2706
Mica, John 4035
Posey, Bill 3671
Webster, Daniel 2176
Nugent, Richard 1002
Bilirakas, Gus 5755
Jolly, David 5961
Ross, Dennis 1252
Buchanan, Vern 5015
Rooney, Tom 5792
Diaz-Balart 4211
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana 3931
Kingston, Jack 5831
Westmoreland, Lynn 5901
Price, Tom 4501
Woodall, Robert 4272
Scott, Austin 6531
Collins, Doug 9893
Broun, Paul 4101
Gingrey, Phil 2931
Graves, Tom 5211
Labrador, Paul 6611
Simpson, Mike 5531
Roskam, Peter 4561
Davis, Rodney 2371
Hultgren, Randy 2976
Shimus, John 5271
Kinzinger, Adam 3635
Schock, Aaron 6201
Walorski, Jacki 3915
Stutzman, Marlin 4436
Rokita, Todd 5037
Brooks, Susan 2276
Messer, Luke 3021
Bucshon, Larry 4636
Young, Todd5315
Latham, Tom 5476
King, Steve 4426
Huelskamp, Tim 2715
Jenkins, Lynn 6601
Yoder, Kevin 2865
Pompeo, Mike 6216
Whitfield, Ed 3115
Gutherie, Brett 3501
Massie, Thomas 3465
Rogers, Harold 4601
Barr, Andy 4706
Scalise, Steve 3015
Boustany, Charles 2031
Fleming, John 2777
McAllister, Vance 8490
Cassidy, WIlliam 3901
Wagner, Ann 1621
Luetkemeyer, Blaine 2956
Hartzler, Vicky 2876
Graves, Sam 7041
Long, Billy 6536
Smith, Jason 4404
Fortenberg, Jeff 4806
Terry, Lee 4155
Smith, Adrian 6435
Chabot, Steve 2216
Wenstrup, Brad 3164
Jordan, Jim 2676
Latta, Robert 6405
Johnson, BIll 5705
Gibbs, Bob 6265
*Boehner, John 6205
Turner, Michael 6465
Tiberi, Pat 5355
Joyce, David 5731
Stivers, Steve 2015
Renacci, Jim 3876
Briderstine, Jim 2211
Mullin, Markwayne 2701
Lucas, Frank 5565
Cole, Tom 6165
Lankford, James 2132
Kelly, Mike 5406
Perry, Scott 5836
Thompson, Glenn 5121
Gerlach, Jim 2315
Meehan, Pat 2011
Fitzpatrick, Michael 4276
Shuster, BIll 2431
Marino, Tom 3731
Barletta, Lou 6511
Rothfus, Keith 2065
Dent, Charles 6411
Pitts, Joseph 2411
Murphy, Tim 2301
South Carolina
Wilson, Joe 2452
Duncan, Jeff 5301
Gowdy, Trey 6030
Mulvaney, Mick 5501
Rice, Tom
Roe, Phil 6356
Duncan Jr, John 5435
Fleischman, Chuck 3271
Des Jarlais, Scott 6831
Black, Diane 4231
Blackburn, Marsha 2811
Fincher, Stephen 4714
Gohmert, Louie 3035
Poe, Ted 6565
Johnson, Sam 4201
Hall, Ralph 6673
Hensarling, Jeb 3484
Barton, Joe 2002
Culberson, John 2571
Brady, Kevin 4901
McCaul, Michael 2401
Conaway, Michael 3605
Granger, Kay 5071
Thornberry, Mac 3706
Weber, Randy 2831
Flores, Bill 6105
Neugebauer, Randy 4005
Smith, Lamar 4236
Olsen, Pete 5951
Marchant, Kenny 6605
Williams, Roger 9896
Brgess, Michael 7772
Farenthold, Blake 7742
Carter, John 3864
Sessions, Pete 2231
Stockman, Steve 1555
Bishop, Rob 0453
Stewart, Chris 9730
Chaffetz, Jason 7751
Ryan, Paul 3031
Sensenbrenner, James 5101
Petri, Thomas 2476
Duffy, Sean 3365
Ribble, Reid 5665
Lummis, Cynthia 2311

I just got off the phone with Nancy Pelosi's press secretary (she is circulating the Discharge Petition).
The votes for the discharge petition stands at 191. The votes needed would be 218.
He was speaking frank (and off the record) to me, but they are fairly confident this will get done! Since we only need 20 Republicans to sign, and all the other Democrats will sign, we are getting close!!!!!
The petition is still circulating, and many didn't get to sign before they went on vacation. Look to next week for many of them to do so! There is time!

The discharge petition is key because this will take the EUC bill straight from the Senate's hands to the House without Bonehead Boehner blocking the vote (he is the Speaker of the House and gets to decide what bills are voted on by the House). Once the EUC bill gets to the House we feel confident it will pass.

Please call the House Republican list I've provided. Calling all of them and just leaving a voice message will take about 45 minutes of your time (time well spent)!

Let them know we are a UNITED cause!
Leave voice messages saying:

"This isn't funny we want OUR money!
Please sign the EUC Discharge Petition and pass the EUC NOW!
From the Center For Effective Government."

or this:

No more delays
We want pay
January thru May!
Please sign the EUC Dishcarge Petition and pass EUC NOW!
From the Center for Effective Government!"

you have all these people that are unemployed and guess what , I bet 80% of them have children, no money coming in no money for school,no money for food and no roof over there heads thank to the people we voted in, and guess what im not voting for anyone that in office as we speak !!!!!

It sure would have been nice to see the President mention us in the speech. His speeches have to focus on his audience. He was speaking to a room full of women co-eds that maybe haven't even held their first "real' jobs. We know, and the politicians know how he stands on EUC. He told them back in his State of the Union Address at the fist of the year to get it passed quickly. We also know that once the bill reaches his desk, he WILL SIGN IT INTO LAW. We here, just have to make sure the bill gets pasted the house and into his hands. He can't enact "Executive Powers" on this bill.

We know that Boehner does not want to mess with the EUC, and uses every opportunity, like yesterday's article, to latch on to any "proof" not to pass the bill. Boehner is getting increased pressure from other Republicans because people are lumping all Republicans into the "bad" category because of him. The Republicans hear people say they will not re-elect Republicans in November etc. Boehner is only one man! Yes, he is the Speaker of the House, but remember you have to "give someone their power." He is limited to what he can do/not do as well. We want Boehner to put the bill up to vote in the House. It will pass then!

What we need to be doing:
1) Call the Senator's and the House members in the list I provided a few days back.

The president did not mention the EUC specifically in his speech in Orlando, Florida at Valencia College today.
The speech was aimed at women and he said, "When women succeed, America Succeeds!"
For women in the workplace:
1) Equal pay for equal work.
2) Family leave
3) Not penalized for having kids.

The President has an "Opportunity Agenda":
1) More jobs for better wages (women still make .77 on a dollar a man does).
2) Training for people for better jobs.
3) Every young person gets a quality education K-college.
4) Economy should reward people who work hard. Too many people are just trying to "keep up and not get ahead."

The President said he would use his Executive Decision whenever he can when Congress is stagnant. He used the example recently when he raised the minimum wage for government workers in D.C.
He has a 10-10 campaign to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 nationally (currently women employ the majority of the minimum wage jobs in America.

He said the Republicans in Congress have repeatedly stood in the way from Americans succeeding economically by:
1) Voting 50-times to try repealing Obamacare.
2) Voting against the President's Paycheck Fairness Act.

He urged more seats in Congress to be filled by women (they only hold 20 now).
He will begin "Working Family Summits" across the country to meet with people and share ideas.


Today at 2:30 Eastern Time (11:30 Pacific and 1:30 Central) on C-SPAN President Obama will speak live about the economy and women!

Please watch if possible!


EUC (S2148) bill:
I think it is easy to panic when new stories come out.
The most recent article just this afternoon by the Roll Call sharing a recent "concern" from The National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA). The Association had sent the letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev), and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel (R-Ky).

The article was titled, "Unemployment Benefits Extension Could Be Delayed Months, Even if Congress Acts Now." I tried calling the author of the article with no return call. I also called the director of the NASWA to ask about what was stated in it, and have not received a return phone call. We know that press, newspapers, and magazines all have a "slant" to their audiences. This fact is usually "rooted" in the history of the entity and who is funding it. I investigated the "Roll Call" paper and this is what I found:

This newspaper is considered a periodical tabloid. It is located in Washington, D.C. They claim a non-partisan political alignment however, the paper was founded in 1955 by Sid Yudain. Sid was working as a press secretary to Republican Congressman Al Morano of Connecticut. They publish Monday-Friday when the Congress in in session only. They report on legislative and political maneuverings on Capitol Hill, and election across the country. The deliver FREE of charge 11,500 copies to Congress and 400 copies to the White House.

Who is paying them? How are they funded? On the same page this story ran, there was also a article from House Minority Leader Congresswoman Pelosi and other Democrats with the title: "No More Excuses to Deny Unemployment Benefits Extension!" The battle continues. The pressure on Speaker of the House Boehner to enable a vote on the bill in the House when they get back next week has been significant. I am sure he has been looking for ANYTHING to back his agenda (and other Republicans) to not pass the EUC bill.

Boehner is reported by Roll Call and also CBS News as responding on his website to this letter by saying:
"The letter was cause for serious concern. We have always said that we're willing to look at extending emergency unemployment benefits again, if Washington Democrats can come up with a plan that is fiscally-responsible, and gets to the root of the problem by helping to create more private-sector jobs. There is no evidence that the bill being rammed through the Senate by Majority Leader Harry Reid meets that test, and according to these state directors, the bill is also simply unworkable."

We knew getting the EUC bill passed would not be an easy task. We have come along way and the EUC family that has been created here on these blogs is amazing. We will not give up until this is passed!