Lobby Reform Update

In the Senate, they are currently dealing with a vote to set aside the Feingold amendment dealing with meals.

They called up a number of amendments - particulary one that nonprofits should be concerned with.

Today, the Senate brought up two amendments offered by Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) that would severly chill nonprofit speech with the threat of jail time. These amendments most likely will be considered later today.

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Grassley Issues Stern Warning to Red Cross

Sen. Charles Grassley has accused the Red Cross of allowing a weak board to rule the organization, overstepping its Congressional mandate, and fostering a culture that cares more about good publicity than good deeds.

The Senate Finance Committee has Grassley's letter, as well as the Red Cross' response to Grassley's request for documents.

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Ever Get A Robo-Call? Want to Know Who Is Behind It?

We've spoken a lot in our statements about the importance of grassroots lobby disclosure. Ever get a robo-call? That is grassroots lobbying - a first amendment protected right, but something that should be disclosed nonetheless.

Here's a link to a Hill article that explains who is behind the robocalls.

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Take Action to Stop Nonprofit Gag Provision!

OCT. 26
Analyses Released Today at Resource Center

Help stop a stealth attack on advocacy! There will be an
attempt to insert an anti-advocacy provision into H.R. 1461, the
Housing Finance Reform Act on the House floor Oct 26. Act now to help
kill the provision!

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News Advisory: Nonprofit Gag Provision Proposed for GSE Bill


News Conference
Wednesday, October 19, 2005

For more information
Amrit Dhillon, National Low
Income Housing Coalition
(202) 662-1530 x222


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Preacher Praying for More S.C. Vacancies OK By IRS Rules

Today, Americans United put out a press release criticsing TV Preacher Pat Robertson's recent televised prayers to God to make more vacancies on the Supreme Court. However uncomfortable this may make proponets of church/state seperation, IRS rules allow all 501(c)(3)s, including churches, to talk about issues and policy positions, whether they be "conservative" or "liberal".

According to Americans United, "[s]peaking on his nationally broadcast “700 Club” program Aug.

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Patriot Act Hearings Examine Need for Surveillance Powers

On May 11 the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence held a public oversight hearing on the PATRIOT Act to consider renewal of the law, including surveillance provisions that have been heavily criticized by civil liberties groups. Testimony from the American Civil Liberties Union detailed examples of abuse of these provisions. Dep. Attorney General James Comey, Jr. testified on the continuing need for these powers.

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Nonprofit Panel Asks for Recommendations

Independent Sector's Nonprofit Panel on Accountability posted a draft of their recommendations on their website.

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Women's Voices Women's Vote Event!

Check It Out!
Reminder - Please join John D. Podesta and the American Progress Action Fund for a lunch briefing on Women's Voices Women's Vote

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